My 1st Niche Blog:

If you are going to blog you should check out the niche site challenge from Pat Flynn who had a challenge on his website. Here is a list of all the niche site challenges Pat has documented which is well worth reading. That was the motivation for me to start my first blog. My First … Read more

Flashpacking Cambodia

cambodia flashpacking

In Cambodia, we visited Phnom Penh the capital and Siem Reap which is also known as Angor Wat where all the temples are. Spent 3 days in Phnom Penh and 3 in Siem Reap and got a bus up to Siem Reap and left via plane to Thailand. Probably could have spent longer in Siem … Read more

Vietnam Adventure Tour

halong bay vietnam

We travelled from North to South which we personally think was the best way to appreciate both Hanoi and Saigon. Hanoi is a relic and is recently adapting to a new way of thinking while Saigon is a thriving mammoth of a city. If we went to Saigon first I doubt we would have appreciated Hanoi’s … Read more

What I learned From Buying Suit Vietnam

tips buying suit Vietnam

My Top Tips Buying Suit Vietnam Getting a high quality 3 piece suit Vietnam wasn’t that hard after some initial research. I bought the 3 piece suit in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi and it worked out really well for me. Even though every second website says you must get a suit in Hoi An in Vietnam (this nearly lead to … Read more

HM Boutique Hotel Hanoi Review

HM Boutique Hanoi Hotel We started our Asia trip in Hanoi where we stayed in the HM Boutique Hanoi Hotel which definitely left a good impression on us. It only took us 30 minutes to arrive from the airport which was organised by the hotel and also the return trip. Once entering the hotel we both … Read more