Went to Singapore for a couple of days for Mind the Product conference.

Accommodation: Stayed in Novotel Hotel located on the river in Clarke Quay.

Weather: The humidity was crazy

Shoulda Would Coulda: Take passport with me when visiting the casino. Night safari but it was that or gardens by the bay.

I think Singapore really lived up to expectations. I will definitely be back and next time visit Universal Studios at Sentosa island.

Singapore City Break

Arrived into Singapore on Sunday evening till Tuesday evening. Had workshops and conference all day so it limited my exploring possibilities.

Stayed in the Novotel hotel next to where the workshops were being held in Clarke Quay. The hotel was lovely and clean with a great continental breakfast. The beauty of the hotel was the location in Clarke Quay which had plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from.

Singapore Gardens

The Singapore light show was probably one of the most unique and breathtaking experiences I have ever been to. I didn’t plan to be there for the show but it just worked out and is the highlight of the trip.

Singapore Gardens - City Break

There is an inside garden which was closing earlier so I started there and was an interesting walk around. This dragon was one of the highlights besides being amazed at the huge architecture feat of being inside a huge greenhouse.

The garden has a bar on top of one flowers, that probably wasn’t really worth it or added anything to the experience.

Singapore Gardens
Singapore Gardens

Singapore Casino is located in the Manta Bay hotel so had planned my trip on way home from gardens to hit the casino but I forgot my passport.

I even had withdrawn money at the entrance just to be stopped by the bouncers as international ID was compulsory. Amateur move and was too far away to go up and down from the hotel.

Mind Product Conference

Mind the Product conference was held at Victoria Theatre in the heart of Singapore. They had workshops the day before the conference in Clarke Quay. That night we were wined and dined on Fullerton road overlooking the bay. It was a great conference where got meet some great people.