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Shane’s Blog

Some of my thought's, experiences and learning so far.

11 Things I’ve Learned in 1 Year as a Freelancer
In 2017, Martina and I packed up our stuff and left our jobs in Dublin to go on our first[...]
The Freelancing Pricing Guide Everyone Needs
Here is a freelancing pricing guide I found online that I used to help price the various services especially since[...]
Planning a Mini-Retirement in Asia
Redistributing 20-30 years of retirement throughout life instead of waiting till you are old. Tim Ferris mentions mini-retirement in the[...]
My 1st Niche Blog:
If you are going to blog you should check out the niche site challenge from Pat Flynn who had a[...]
How to Land Your First Freelancing Client
Starting out freelancing can be pretty tough, you spend weeks learning your skill, build out a website, create a proposal[...]
5 steps to free co-location workspace anywhere in the World!
A great little lifehack on how you can get free co-working space anywhere in the world. Get free co-location work[...]