πŸ“§ The Pivot Newsletter

Weekly newsletter with latest tips, interviews, techniques from agile product management professionals with 3,100 subscribers.

πŸ“² Automated Data Entry Assistant GTP

Extracted data from images and populated data into an excel spreadsheet accurately and efficiently. First AI learning experience with a simple use case.


Side project to learn about SEO and content marketing in 2016. During COVID went back writing for the site which led to hiring a team of writers to grow the website.

The website was attracting 35,000 readers per month all through organic sources with no paid ads. It had a number of free agile and project management templates and exam resources to help people.

In 2024, pm-training was sold to where all the resources and articles are now published.

πŸ’Ό SD Web Services

Niche website development and marketing consulting agency. Great experience to work with some highly ambitious up and coming leaders in their industry as I learned all about consulting, sales, creating systems and outsourcing. Still host and manage some of their websites.

🚳 Leisure Athletes

Amazon FBA Business selling extra wide padded bicycle seats. Sourced from China and shipped to US. Got to learn about inventory management, Amazon Ad Network, branding, customer service and eCommerce. Sold 500 bike seats but didn’t continue due to listings getting hacked. Proud to have got 49 product reviews.

πŸ“€ Autoresponder Independence

Ebook to help email marketers with the technical setup of an email autoresponder so they could send emails outside of the current SaaS offerings.