SD Web Services (2012 - present)

Since college have been building websites for small businesses. More recently started using AARRR framework which focuses on the entire customer lifecycle. A website is only the start of the funnel (Activation) but there are 4 other steps that need equal attention for a company to succeed. They are Acquisition, Retention, Referral, Revenue which all should be optimized accordingly for a company to scale.

>>  See my portfolio of websites and digital transformations (2015 -  present)

To learn about SEO and content marketing created a blog to help myself and others to pass the PMP exam (70% fail on first attempt). Proud to say I have written all the content and material. The plan was to create an ebook revealing the secrets to passing on your first attempt but PMI required a copyright annual fee which wouldn't have been covered by sales so blogged everything for free.

Now use the blog to capture my experiences and thoughts while working as a Product Owner / Project Manager in large software companies. The majority of companies I have worked with adopted Agile methodology and have a distributed workforce.

eBook: Agile Handbook for Senior Management (2018)

Leisure Athletes (2019)

Built an eCommerce brand that sold 500 extra-wide bike saddles with rechargeable lights on and also had an accompanying dropshipping website with AliExpress. The dropshipping website was built using Woocommerce and acquired sales via Facebook advertising. Was great experience sourcing/shipping products from China and working woith the company on packaging and design. Sold all 500 within 4 months via organic and paid methods via Listing got hijacked numerous times, ultimately resulting in a price war which ate up all of the profits.

Shane's Solo Ads (2013 - 2015)

Solo Ads is when you build an email list and then you sell clicks to people that have a product with the same interest in my email list. My list of 25k emails was built in one of the most competitive niches. To compete had to utilize upsell/cross-sell sales funnels and copy-writing techniques to generate sales. Built the list via email marketing.

After my autoresponder account got shutdown I wrote an ebook to help other email marketers to set up their own autoresponder. After that sold my email list and started to learn about blogging and SEO.

eBook: Autoresponder Independence (2015)