Projects -


Continual.Delivery (2020 - present)

Building high performing websites after numerous distractions trying various side hustles. It took all these distractions to realize I'm passionate about helping Service Businesses. Wrote down how I helped all other websites and coined the term the Cinderella Technique to help others for free. Continual.Delivery will be primarily focused building websites, website speed, onsite technical SEO, analytics, webops, communication technology integrations & targeted leads.

eBook: The Cinderella Technique - Transform your business overnight

Leisure Athletes (2019)

Sourced 500 extra wide bike saddles with rechargeable lights from China and got them shipped to 5 Amazon fulfilment centres in the US. Created packaging and all marketing myself. Sold all 500 within 4 months via organic and paid methods via Listing got hijacked numerous times, ultimately resulting in a price war. Created a drop-shipping website with the purpose of up-selling but was unable to drive customers from Amazon and didn't have cash-flow to invest in advertising.

SD Web Services (2012 - 2019)

Precursor to where built numerous websites at the start for friends and family but when moved to Australia did it full-time. Experience included acted as Marketing Manager for B2B company for 6 months, building large eCommerce store, freelancing in a innovation hub for the RAC where built websites and growth hacking.‚Äč

>>  See my portfolio for all work completed in this time. (2015 -  present)

The first time attempting the PMP exam I failed (70% fail on first attempt). To motivate myself I created a blog to learn about blogging, help others avoid failing and most importantly keep myself motivated to reattempt the exam. Wrote all the content and material. The plan was to create an ebook revealing the secrets to passing on your first attempt but PMI required a copyright annual fee which wouldn't of been covered by sales so blogged everything for free. Don't actively work on the website but it still gets visitors using the 200 question mock exams.

eBook: Agile Handbook for Senior Management (2018)

Shane's Solo Ads (2012 - 2015)

Got introduced to Solo Ads by a friend in Paddy Powers online marketing department. Solo Ads is when you build an email list and then you sell clicks to people that have a product with same interest in my email list. My list of 25k emails was work from home/internet marketing. Learned about sales funnels, copy-writing, MLM's and email marketing. Got my autoresponder shutdown so wrote and sold an ebook to help others that have same experience. After that decided the industry wasn't something I wanted to be associated with long-term so sold my list and never looked back. 

eBook: Autoresponder Independence (2015)