Ice Breakers for Office Workers


Easily avoid pointless icebreaker questions. Enabling you to use an icebreaker card to initiate a conversation to create an emotional bond between the team members.

Using our handcrafted list of 150 ice breaker calibrated questions is a sure-fire way to engage people at your next meeting. Be prepared for every online meeting with a new go-to tool to kick start a meeting.



Get your Zoom Meeting Open Discussion Kick Started

Kick-off your Friday Zoom call with calibrated icebreakers to set the tone. Simple but thoughtful ice breaker cards that bring an element of fun. Avoid excluding people and let everybody feel involved as they listen to the answers. Designed to make people feel comfortable the questions are insightful but don’t require much thought.

Infuse that Recurring Team Retrospective Meetings

Recurring meetings can be a drag. You need to think outside the box to get people excited about what you are doing and really buy into the session. There is no better way than starting off with a lighter note to get that human connection flowing. Break down barriers between team members and start creating meaningful relationships.

Create Engaging Online Meetups with Small Groups

Bring a physical interaction to your online meetings by using cards. You simply pick the card at the top of the deck and ask in a round-robin style to the meeting members. These questions are perfect for small groups who want to get to know each other by discovering something random about others.