Shane’s Portfolio

Here are some of my digital marketing projects from website design, content creation, social media marketing to search engine marketing which would have been done all by myself.

I recommend checking out my new brand to help business owners improve their digital presence. The website reveals my entire process which I coined "The Cinderella Technique" with a case study, step by step guide and a free worksheet to help businesses transform over night!

eCommerce Website - Selling Pipes & Irrigation

Before: PipeCo had a 7-page website only displaying pipe lengths and link to their other site. The initial idea was to do a quick uplift of the site making, it more corporate around the group.

Discovery: The website was ranking for their brand name "pipeco" and got a large amount of SEO traffic looking to purchase specific pipes and pipe supplies.

After: Built a Woo-commerce website for them based on customer needs so actually purchasing pipes and irrigation equipment. Listed over 5000 products and has been a highly successful website.

B2B Lead Generation Website - Selling Shower Commodes

Before: Juvo had spent a lot of money on a fancy website which kind of looked great from a cosmetic perspective but not from a usability perspective.

Discovery: They had fantastic brochures and video content not being used on the website. No SEO had been done so for such a unique niche and brand it still didn't appear on search results.

After: Took the brochure and all the video content and categorised it on an eCommerce website that instead of accepting purchases requested quotes. Also, ran very successful SEO & email campaigns.

B2B Lead Generation Website - Cladding Design & Fitting Company

Before: Kilmore that a 4-page website and I remember struggling to understand what they did. Specialist in quality as a heading and safety seemed to be very important.

Discovery: A wealth of pictures from projects and a professional looking proposal outlining their services clearly

After: A slick new website focused on user needs exhibiting their portfolio of work. Also, ran an email and adwords campaign which filled their order book for the year within 3 weeks (see below).

Formula Sun Solar

New Website Build & Social Media Integration Project. 2 Year Continued Marketing Tech Support.

Leisure Athletes

Amazon FBA venture and affiliate website. Sourced 500 bike saddles and sold in US Market

Drumm Carpentry Cork

Complete Online Brand from Concept to Launch based on Data Analysis to Identify need in the Market.

The Higher Mix

Revamped 50+ page Website based on Data Analysis to make it more user friendly and SEO ready

Perth Electric Bikes

Brand New Website Built from Wire-frames and Launched with Adwords & Press Release

Lester Blades

Website Uplift Project to Represent the Brands Identity with a new Slick Easy on the Eye Website

Repeatable Process for Any Company

Every company needs to have a clear focus on, consumer needs. We help them present their business to fill that need. Its a process of data research and gathering to uncover these needs and determine how to best present them on a website.

>> Click here to see the process in detail

My Skillset


Agile enthusiast who approaches any work in an Agile way. Qualified in PMI-ACP, the PMIs Agile certification which covered XP, Kanban, FDD, Crystal.


Project Manager Professional accredited by the PMI. Have also taught PMBOK in classroom setting preparing students for the PMP exam.

Scrum Master

Have held a Scrum Master qualification for over 5 years. Experience working in small to medium Scrum teams. Have also worked with Scrumban.

Digital Marketing

Hands on approach to digital marketing by creating a project management blog. One (skyscraper) post has 170 shares on Agile Tools & Techniques.

Onsite SEO

At the start when I had no budget SEO was my core marketing strategy. Ensuring perfect onsite SEO is the key to people finding your website online.


I'm a tracking nerd. Everything should be tracked. I'm a strong believer in data driven decisions not the opinion of the biggest mouth in the room.


Built my first website a college forum and listing site in PHP, HTML & CSS. Now mainly work with WordPress to build user friendly websites.

Funnel Building

Every single online Ad should have a no distractions landing page with clear call to action and a follow-up sequence.


From Adwords, Bing to Google Merchant Store you can build businesses just from PPC when done correctly.

Social Ads

Building engaging audiences is the secret to social media. Anytime you buy follows or likes you are doing it wrong.


97% of people are not ready to buy when they arrive on a website. If you don't re-market to those website visitors you are throwing money away.

Email & CRM

Building an email list is one of the biggest assets a business has. My first online venture was building a 20k subscriber email list on a selected niche.