Shane's Portfolio

Have got the opportunity to work with some great companies and people to perfect my approach to website building. Each project is different and I have learned the most important thing is to try leave a happy customer and I hope I did that. 

I’ve also come to realize that a website is never really finished. I could spend hours fine tuning websites, learning different things and applying things. That is why I have which has been updated with 4 or 5 theme builders and not even sure how many plugins. That is my SEO playground and it currently gets 20k+ visitors per month with no paid ads.

I’m most proud of building a website that launched my brother’s kitchen fitting business which was based off keyword research which I explain here. Some of the bigger website projects I have worked on are:

B2B eCommerce Website – Selling Pipes & Irrigation

Before: PipeCo had a 7-page website only displaying pipe lengths and link to their other site. The initial idea was to do a quick uplift of the site making, it more corporate around the group.

Discovery: The website was ranking for their brand name “pipeco” and got a large amount of SEO traffic looking to purchase specific pipes and pipe supplies.

After: Built a Woo-commerce website for them based on customer needs so actually purchasing pipes and irrigation equipment. Listed over 5000 products and has been a highly successful website.

B2B Lead Generation Website – Cladding Design & Fitting Company

Before: Kilmore that a 4-page website and I remember struggling to understand what they did. Specialist in quality as a heading and safety seemed to be very important. 

Discovery: A wealth of pictures from projects and a professional looking proposal outlining their services clearly

After: A slick new website focused on user needs exhibiting their portfolio of work. Also, ran an email and adwords campaign which filled their order book for the year within 3 weeks (see below).

B2B Lead Generation Website – Selling Shower Commodes

Before: Juvo had spent a lot of money on a fancy website which kind of looked great from a cosmetic perspective but not from a usability perspective.

Discovery: They had fantastic brochures and video content not being used on the website. No SEO had been done so for such a unique niche and brand it still didn’t appear on search results.

After: Took the brochure and all the video content and categorised it on an eCommerce website that instead of accepting purchases requested quotes. Also, ran very successful SEO & email campaigns.