My Story -

Who is Shane Drumm

Agile Practitioner, Marketingtech Nerd, Growth Hacker, Project Manager, Data Centred

Travel Enthusiastic, Vagabonder, Experimenter, Cyclist, Triathlete, Liverpool Supporter

Family Orientated, Long Term Boyfriend, Generally Easy Going but very Motivated to Succeed!

Who I am

Hey, I'm Shane and I'm a Digital Freelancer with ambitions to build my own agency. I started out my career working for Paddy Power (Head Office not a Shop). It was my job to make sure they tracked all their digital marketing channels accurately and work with marketing teams to implement the latest technologies. 

After 3 years I moved on to pursue a career in project management and acquired my PMP, PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner & Scrum Master qualifications. Somewhere along the way I realized digital marketing was my passion. In 2016, I decided to follow this passion and leave my cosy cubicle job and move to Australia to make a go of it myself.

I will be honest it started rough, working in a back shed of an irrigation company, building them an eCommerce website. I have quickly moved on and my last freelancing role was working in Perth’s very own innovation hub. Now its time to make the jump from freelancer to agency.

What I do

The difference with me compared to most digital marketers, is I have one time or another built websites or marketing campaigns myself. I believe you can't really understand the in's and out's of digital strategy if you don't understand how it all work and integrate together.

My first few clients were building new websites and SEO with some email marketing. This drove me to dive into the ocean of SEO which has been fascinating but I quickly discovered its actually not what businesses need after investing in a new website. They need leads not wait 3-4 months for SEO to kick-in. This is done with targeted ads and smart tracking .

Over 97% of people who come to a business website aren't ready to buy now and this is a huge missed opportunity. Companies can't afford to waste marketing budgets. I help businesses drive targeted traffic to get sales, while nurturing and re-marketing to the visitors who aren't ready to buy now.

My Skillset

Onsite SEO

At the start when I had no budget SEO was my core marketing strategy. Ensuring perfect onsite SEO is the key to people finding your website online.


I'm a tracking nerd. Everything should be tracked. I'm a strong believer in data driven decisions not the opinion of the biggest mouth in the room.


Built my first website a college forum and listing site in PHP, HTML & CSS. Now mainly work with WordPress to build user friendly websites.

Funnel Building

Every single online Ad should have a no distractions landing page with clear call to action and a follow-up sequence.


From Adwords, Bing to Google Merchant Store you can build businesses just from PPC when done correctly.

Social Ads

Building engaging audiences is the secret to social media. Anytime you buy follows or likes you are doing it wrong.


97% of people are not ready to buy when they arrive on a website. If you don't re-market to those website visitors you are throwing money away.

Email & CRM

Building an email list is one of the biggest assets a business has. My first online venture was building a 20k subscriber email list on a selected niche.


Agile enthusiast who approaches any work in an Agile way. Qualified in PMI-ACP, the PMIs Agile certification which covered XP, Kanban, FDD, Crystal. 


Project Manager Professional accredited by the PMI. Have also taught PMBOK in classroom setting preparing students for the PMP exam.

Scrum Master

Have held a Scrum Master qualification for over 5 years. Experience working in small to medium Scrum teams. Have also worked with Scrumban.

Digital Marketing

Hands on approach to digital marketing by creating a project management blog. One (skyscraper) post has 170 shares on Agile Tools & Techniques.

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