Over the past 5 years, I have worked in various large companies and learned all about process, project and people management. While at the same time was building websites and learning about online marketing and growth hacking. I have always been focused on outcomes more than the in-depth detail on how to make something. What I’m really interested in how products meet peoples needs, exceed expectations and change behaviour. My vision for my career is:

Build better solutions for digital problems.

I do have a tendency of running before I can walk which leads to procrastination and no small wins. Ideally, if I could start working on big product projects straight away it would be amazing and I probably could if I put my mind to it but the low hanging fruit is building websites. I have uses cases already and is the perfect small win’s I need to keep myself motivated. So what I consider as phase 2 would be focusing on helping product-focused companies.

  1. Build Better Websites
    • Online Technology Expert (Websites, AWS, Onsite SEO)
    • Building Funnels (UX, Copywriting, CRM Integration)
    • Marketing Tracking (PPC, Google Analytics, FB, Retargetting)
  2. Build Better Products
    • Product Manager
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Gathering Feedback
    • Data Analysis
  3. Build Better Teams
    • Culture Influencer
    • Better Teams
    • Leadership
    • Communication

If I’m writing blog posts I think it should always be focused already these 3 pillars.

What Brand to Use?

Shane Drumm Web Services via shanedrumm.com

Have been in two minds about being a consultant and using ShaneDrumm.com as my brand or creating a new website brand for many months. After starting blogging I have decided though ShaneDrumm.com is my personal area that represents all of my thoughts, experiences, ventures and being a consultant is something I want to focus on now but it might not be the case forever.

Also, I think deep down my goal is to build a virtual agency and be more than just a consultant. I think the majority of the work such as web design, SEO, Adwords, Autoresponders, Copywriting can all be outsourced if they are managed by a product manager who knows how to coordinate and collaborate them efficiently. A lot of agencies call these digital producers but I think the role is more than that where the person needs to understand marketing but also product. It can’t be a person who has a single solution for every problem. They need be able to take a problem, analyze it and create a custom solution that the outsourced team implements. I see myself as that person at the moment and would want to build a team of people with the same skillset in the future.

Wanted to use my logo for shanedrumm.com but instead to use a C and D. Originally was thinking continuous delivery as the s kind of represents infinity but that domain name was gone.

I started to like continual as it represents frequently delivering which can be considered iterations tieing back to agile and continuous delivery is an agile term so this differentiates from that. It works for phase one of delivering better websites and then can easily transition to better products.

Continual: forming a sequence in which the same action or event is repeated frequently.

Delivery: the action of delivering letters, parcels, or goods.