Hiking the highest peak in WA was a great experience but took a bit of planning to avoid the 10 hours round trip from Perth.

Bluff Knoll Essentials

Location: There are 226.05 miles from Denmark to Perth in northwest direction and 260 miles (418.43 kilometres) by car, following the 30 route. Denmark and Perth are 4 hours 50 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop

Accommodation: We booked a cottage in Denmark

Duration: 2 nights

Itinerary: Denmark Beaches, Hike Bluff Knoll, Valley of Giants

Weather: September the weather was pretty cold and wet.

Shoulda Woulda Coulda: Visit Albany

Staying in Denmark WA

We drove down the day before the hike to make it more relaxing instead of rushing and trying to get everything done at once. We stayed in Denmark which was the ideal central location for our trip.

There actually weren’t many accommodation options around bluff Knoll so it was either Albany or Denmark. The cottage we found was the deciding factor.

Denmark ACcomodation COttage by Lake
Denmark WA Accommodation Cottage by Lake

We stated on a unique cottage by the lake which was pretty private. It was well priced and comfy. It had an outdoor bbq, all essentials (towels, kitchen utensils) but most importantly a stove and some old DVDs.

Denmark is pretty cold in winter because the houses are built for the summer without any insulation. There was the very little mobile signal which added to the trip if anything.

Beaches of Denmarks

The first day we went to visit some of the famous beaches around Denmark such as Greens Pool & Elephant Rocks & Elephant Cove

The water was pretty cold so didn’t take a dip but the rock formations and hidden beaches were pretty cool and well worth exploring.

Craft Beer Denmark WA

Boston Brewing Company - Craft Beer, Fire & Pizza
Boston Brewing Company – Craft Beer, Fire & Pizza

That evening we went to a local brewery for some craft beer and food. Got woodfired pizza.

Climbing Bluff Knoll

Denmark was roughly 1 hour away from Bluff Knoll. Bluff Knoll is situated in Stirling Range which has lots of other hikes but we had to go for the highest.

Climbing Bluff Knoll Denmark
Stirling Range view from Bluff Knoll

We parked at the bluff Knoll carpark which has a little heritage site with information about the area. From there you start with a steel path which turns into a Bush path but it’s straight forward to follow and would be hard to get lost.

The climb itself was semi-difficult going up mainly set a good pace set by Mike who was on a mission to be first up, passing out old women and all.

Climbing Bluff Knoll WA
Climbing Bluff Knoll WA

The climb was relatively safe maybe one or 2 edges that tested the nerves and didn’t even think about going near the edge at the top but were told it was an eye full looking straight down. After a warm cup of tea and sandwich we picked up at the cafe at the bottom of the mountain before we turned in to bluff Knoll we headed back down.

Climbing Bluff Knoll WA Perth
Climbing Bluff Knoll WA Perth – View from Top

The way down was a lot easier as it’s very much steps so not much concern of slipping or anything. It took 2 hours up and down.

We stopped in the local Denmark IGA on way home where we got everything we needed for a BBQ and quiet evening in. Having a warm stove was a nice touch to finish the day while having some local cheese and wine.

Valley of Giants

Before we headed back for Perth we stopped at the Valley of Giants. A unique experience to Western Australia you get to explore the huge trees.

Valley of Giants WA Perth
Valley of Giants WA Perth

There is a designated path you follow and exit through the gift shop. The path gives plenty of photo opportunities but the highlight is walking the suspended bridges they have adjoined between trees.