Conversion Review -

80/20 Rule for Converting Traffic to Sales

Actually its more like 90/10 when its comes to Website Traffic

Do you know it is only 2% of People are Ready to Buy when they land on your website?

That means if you don't optimize you're website for the other 98% of people visiting you are throwing away money. They will just leave and never come back again when instead they should be brought along down you're sales funnel.

In reality that in many instances, 80% of marketing budget you spend is wasted effort that generates no results.

You can improve this by setting up funnels where you offer free information to the prospect and target them with with the information they want.


Then when they are ready they will purchase from you because you helped them and more importantly were able to put the right offer at the right time in front of them. There are 4 essentials ways to do this by optimising you're website accordingly.


How It Works:  You create a funnel on you're website where you offer a lead magnet on you're website that provides value to the reader in return for their email address. Then you can convert the prospect over the line by educating them or just staying in their mind with a monthly newsletter so they are aware of you when they are ready to buy. You can also send them out offers and convert them into social media followers, the options are endless.

Why You Need It:

1. Segmented email lists can deliver highly targeted offers to relevant prospects.

2. Can help build social media channels and drive free traffic to website.


How It Works: Many customers research a business, product, or service online before making a purchase, and may leave your website before making a final decision. With retargeting, you're able to “follow” these customers with eye-catching ads that encourage them to return to your website and convert.

Why You Need It:

1. Don’t lose out on prospects who are still in the early research stage of their home improvement planning.

2. Retargeting will help you stay on their mind so they come back to you instead of your competitor.


How It Works: Content marketing can be used to bring in traffic (TOFU: Top of the Funnel), educate prospects (MOFU: Middle of the Funnel) or get the sale (BOFU: Bottom of the Funnel). It is essential when prospects are shopping around or have some queries before they buy. You can create compare charts highlighting benefits vs competitors to creating webinars walking prospects through the product. The options are endless. 

Why You Need It:

1. Educates prospects on you're product

2. Helps convert prospects at the bottom of the funnel getting them over the line.

Social Media

How It Works: Social Media is a way for a business to stay in the mind of prospects by having an active social media account it can quickly remove many of the concerns and uncertainties that might prevent a customer from converting – before the customer even gets to the site. Also, your social following can tag or generate their own content you could use and share to their friends creating social proof for you're brand.

Why You Need It:

1. Build up a strong online reputation

2. Reach potential customers by social sharing.

No Way to Lose Review

Shane wants to help each business to the best of his ability so each review is personalised to your requirements. The review helps determine if we would be a good fit for each other & determine how best I can help you.


If you do not think the audit meets you're expectations

 I will promise 100% money back making this A NO WAY LOSE REVIEW

Every review will deliver a Personalised Action Plan which Shane guarantee's will meet you're needs!

Conversion Action Plan Steps

1. Talk with You

The most important thing for us is that you get the results you want so we focus on what you want.

The first step of the review is for you to fill out a quick survey and get on a call with Shane so he can laser focus the review.

2. Review the Data

We review the websites traffic sources to identify easy quick wins you can implement straight away.

Then we review you're top competitors and reverse engineer their online success to identify how they are getting results.

3. Create Action Plan

The action plan your own document that clearly defines where you are right now and how to get where you want the business to be!!!