Brisbane City Break at Christmas

We started our East Coast adventure in Brisbane as it has direct flights from Perth. It’s a quirky little city and we were lucky to have some friends there to show us around.

Brisbane City Break Essentials

Weather: Very humid with a kind of dead heat.

Transport: The car rental company collected us from the airport, we signed a few documents and that was nice and easy. Went for the fully insured option all in was $800 for 7 days for a small bit old sedan – one issue though the aircon stopped working on our trip to Byron Bay later in the week the company replaced the car with a newer model and dropped the car up to Sunshine coast a 2 hour out of the way journey for them and didn’t charge anything extra.

Brisbane Itenary: City sightseeing via Scooter and some good beer

Our Brisbane Trip

We arrived in Brisbane on 22nd of December Sunday morning at 6 am. We stayed with Tom & Cathy’s apartment in Milton, a nice area – Brisbane, in general, seemed to have a lot more character than Perth and reminded me of a not so hipster Melbourne. 

Milton is just a 30min walk to the city along the river. One thing I noticed was the bicycle lanes everywhere with actual logic unlike Perth’s where you would want a map to find connecting paths. 

Scooter Buddies
Scooter Buddies

The highlight of Brisbane was finding a couple of scooters dropped on the side of the pathway ( I had just found out about these in South Park so was pretty surprised to find them in Brisbane as it turns out they are trying a 3-month trial). After a few minutes downloading Lime the app and creating an account we were off.

We scooted down along the river past the Ferris wheel, fake beach, maritime museum to Kangaroo where I, unfortunately, ran out of battery but was able to jump onto the back of Toms. The city centre was pretty small but seemed to have a pretty big CBD but as a tourist, a day would be plenty to see everything. 

Brisbane Brewery for some Craft Beer
Brisbane Brewery for some Craft Beer

That night we went out but things were pretty quiet, we think because it was a Sunday night. We met up with Supertroopin at the Brisbane Brewery who are campervanning around Oz at the moment and delighted to meet some familiar faces and share their crazy stories. Had some 6.2% local beer and finished with a quick scoot around the block.