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Some of my thought's, experiences and learning so far.

Have you ever attended a Silent Meeting?
They are an excellent way to facilitate meetings remotely. First started by Jezz Bezos to avoid death by presentations. It[...]
Week Review: 4th Nov 2019
After I completed the Marathon had a number of events around socializing from Mikes visit down to Denmark, Gretta's 30th[...]
The Phoenix Project
Highly recommend checking out The Phoenix Project for anybody working in a company dependent on IT and interested in reading[...]
Continual.Delivery – Building Better Websites
Continual.Delivery - Building Better Websites3 Year Strategy: To create a recognizable small business digital solutions brand by turning building better[...]
City to Surf 2019 – Marathon
August 2018 I did the City to Surf 12km in 1 hour 14 mins and it nearly killed me. One[...]
I want to build better solutions for digital problems.
Over the past 5 years, I have worked in various large companies and learned all about process, project and people[...]
YOW! Perth 2019 Highlights – 3X Innovation & Microservices
After attending YOW Perth 2019 it is clear that IT is very much trending towards microservices and devops style of[...]
Writing eBooks Lessons Learned
Over the past few years, I have written a few ebooks the majority complete failures and as I'm currently writing[...]
Buying POWR in Australia
Crypto is something I have been interested in over the past 2/3 years and 5X my investment with the massive[...]
My 9 Biggest Failure that will Set Me Up for Success
Been cleaning up my makeshift office in our spare room in 170 Carr Place and I found the 50 unsent[...]
Setting Goals & Creating a Vision Health Pathway
Over the past 2 years  I have started setting goals, which have been great and really helped me focus. I[...]
DDD Perth – Building Awesome Teams
DDD Perth started out its life as part of the Developer! Developer! Developer! series of events for developers but the[...]
The Whisper Project
Summer 2018 I joined Vix Technology as a Product Owner for their new product called Whisper. Vix Technology specializes in[...]
The Great Hack
Netflix just released its latest documentary The Great Hack which is focused around Cambridge Analytica and the US election for[...]
30 Day Blogging Challenge
I have been humming and hawing for years to become a blogger. My current blocker is that I must blog[...]
9 Career Tips from Mind The Product Singapore 2019
I discovered Mind the Product after attending a few excellent ProductTank’s in Perth with some industry leaders discussing product management.[...]
11 Tips from a Failed Freelancer
In 2016/2017 I took a career break and went freelancing. It was a terrible experience. My very last point is[...]
Planning a Mini-Retirement in Asia
Redistributing 20-30 years of retirement throughout life instead of waiting till you are old. Tim Ferris mentions mini-retirement in the[...]
My 1st Niche Blog:
If you are going to blog you should check out the niche site challenge from Pat Flynn who had a[...]
How to Land Your First Freelancing Client
Starting out freelancing can be pretty tough, you spend weeks learning your skill, build out a website, create a proposal[...]
Taking a Career Break to “Reach my Potential”
All I want is to reach my potential, something where you get rewarded for playing the long game and hustling.[...]
5 steps to free co-location workspace anywhere in the World!
A great little lifehack on how you can get free co-working space anywhere in the world. Get free co-location work[...]