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Week Review: 4th Nov 2019

After I completed the Marathon had a number of events around socializing from Mikes visit down to Denmark, Gretta’s 30th and going to Tokyo for Rugby World cup. I just took a break from thinking for a while with the plan of hitting the ground running when I got back from Japan and sure have.


30 Day Blog Challenge:┬áHaven’t been making much progress and still haven’t hit 30 but have read the Phoenix project I realize writing about the Whisper project probably not what I want to focus my attention on. Firstly, I have no underlining principles that I want to convey and not the best use of time right now. I have thought about what I want shanedrumm.com to be focused on and I think it should be my daily challenges, adventures, notes, predictions, reviews and the primary focus on reaching my goal of completing an Ironman. I was thinking the focus of the Ironman training could be #paddyironman a play on the paddy Irishman jokes to build a following around on social media. If there is one thing people remember me for I would like it to be “inspiring people who thought they couldn’t do something but set goals and were willing to put in the hard work while taking every failure on the chin” – that is what I do and I want to prove it works.

I will restructure this blog around these topics instead of skills/online cv/website consulting that will all be focused on via Continual.Delivery.


For the upcoming weeks Continual.Delivery will be the primary focus as I try to get new clients and understand hosting WordPress website son AWS. The past week have completed the website home/about/services/portfolio next step:

  1. 3 part use case on Building Websites
  2. Review Golden Pages for Prospects
  3. Start looking for Referrals

While working over the last week discovered the concept of WebOps and this might be the next part of the puzzle and an easy segway from what I do professionally and what I’m planning for continual.delivery.