The Whisper Project -

The Whisper Project

Summer 2018 I joined Vix Technology as a Product Owner for their new product called Whisper. Vix Technology specializes in transit technology from devices at train stations to back offices and payment management. Vix vision is to provide “a better customer journey” with projects in Dallas, Rome, Cambridge, Dublin, Bejing, Cape Town, Oslo to name a few.

Whisper was responsible for enabling contactless cEMV in Manchester where transit customers of the inner city train can tap their Visa, Mastercard or Maestro at a gate and tap off. Whisper handles all card data and interactions with the bank while also integrating with devices and a back-office based out of France.

Whisper went from missing deadlines to hitting every milestone and going live in production with no issues and processing £100,000 in the first week. There was lots of ups and downs in this journey as it went from a list of requirements to a product and on the way to becoming a full service.

Vix is currently going through a transformation from a project focused company to a product based company which has brought a number of challenges during the process. Whisper is leading the charge from regular releases, product strategy, AWS integration, operations, SLAs all a learning process and by making continuous changes we are improving.

One of the most impressive aspects of this is it was done under-resourced pushing stress points of the team but they came out the other side as a high performing team which is built around trust. If this was a book my categories would be:


Are we too Agile?

  • Working From Agile First Principles
    • State Zero: No Processes Just a Contract
    • The Project Plan to Hit that 1st Milestone
    • Bringing Processes That Didn’t Interrupt
    • Introducing a Scrum Master
  • Managing Outsourcing Team
  • Story Mapping to Success

The No Blame Zone

Building a Product in a Project World

  • Clear Product Vision
  • The Near Perfect Product Manager
  • The Product Roadmap
  • Saying No
  • Were Now a Proposition

Delivering a Service

  • The “Temp” Service Operations Kanban Board
  • Follow the Sun Support
  • AWS Transformation
  • SLA, SLO AHA???