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The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project

Highly recommend checking out The Phoenix Project for anybody working in a company dependent on IT and interested in reading a great story🙏

It does an excellent job highlighting the invisible dependencies between sales, product, engineering, ops, security. Told from the perspective of Bill who gets pushed into the VP of IT Ops by the CEO.

Bill has to figure out how to deliver the over budget & behind schedule phoenix project. All while IT systems keep falling over and deal with an incoming security audit. Not to mention Brent who is the one IT person everyone needs. Lots of late nights and fights insue!

Bill gets mentored by a new director who takes him on tours of their manufacturing plant to help him understand that IT is not all that unique after all via the theory of constraints 😳

Bill discovers the 3 ways of working…

  1. Reduce Cycle Time
  2. Shorten Feedback loops
  3. Growth Culture

He also learns about the 4 types of work…

  1. Business work
  2. IT internal work
  3. Changes
  4. Unplanned anti-work

One of my favourite parts of the book when he interviews the company CFO. Who explains his daily concerns and the company objectives that I think are relevant to 99% of IT companies.

  • Are we competitive
  • Understanding customer need and wants: do we know what to build
  • Product portfolio: do we have the right products
  • R&D effectiveness: can we build it effectively
  • Time to market: can we ship it soon enough to matter
  • Sales pipeline: can we convert products to interested prospects
  • Are we effective?
  • Customer on-time delivery: are customers getting what we promised them
  • Customer retention: are we gaining or losing customers?
  • Sales forecast accuracy: can we factor this into our sales planning?

Found a good overview of lessons learned from Phoenix Project on Medium if you want to learn more but nothing beats reding the real thing and it is 100% one of the easiest books I have ever read thanks to the fantastic storyline.