Continual.Delivery – Building Better Websites -

Continual.Delivery – Building Better Websites

Continual.Delivery – Building Better Websites

3 Year Strategy: To create a recognizable small business digital solutions brand by turning building better websites into a system and a product.

Mission: To radically change the way small business owners think about websites.

Ideal Client: Based in Perth that requires an information website to showcae their services to convert potential clients.

Differentiator:  Marketing Insider willing to share all the secrets of website building agencies by telling business owners how the real information they need.

That one special way of doing things that your customer genuinely value:

  • We Know You (Case Studies):
    • Cost savings & security with AWS
    • Self-managed content updates
    • Easy to Find Info & Contact You
    • Keywords that rank on Google
  • A Better Way:
    • AWS Hosting
    • WordPress
    • User-Focused
    • Built for Google
  • One of a Kind:
    • Product Driven approach???
  • Access:
    • Continued Support
    • Technical Expert
    • Marketing Insights
  • Savings:
    • Hosting Savings
    • Quick Turnaround
    • No Maintenance Costs
  • Convenience:
    • Lean Approach
    • Built with what you have
    • Quick turnaround
    • Simple 4 Step Process
  • Design:
    • Designed Better for Conversions
    • Designed for Google

Become an Authority

I read a fantastic ebook John Jantsch the creator of about marketing strategy. These are his lead magnets on his website but they are gold and can be used by any business as it all comes back to positioning.

I want to position myself as a person who builds better solutions for digital problems using simple lean processes.

  1. Build Better Websites
    1. Online Technology Expert (Websites, AWS, Onsite SEO)
    2. Building Funnels (UX, Copywriting, CRM Integration)
    3. Marketing Tracking (PPC, Google Analytics, FB, Retargetting)
  2. Build Better Products
    1. Product Manager
    2. Requirements Gathering
    3. Gathering Feedback
    4. Data Analysis
  3. Build Better Teams
    1. Culture Influencer
    2. Better Teams
    3. Leadership
    4. Communication

Agile Handbook for Senior Management eBook

Agile is how I work and plan on working on any project. It is the foundation for building better solutions for digital products. Even for building better websites, we don’t need a long drawn out project plan but work in iterations and reprioritize as we see fit.

My LinkedIn profile already backs up my experience but that should only be considered a reference. I want to have an ebook to refer people to when I work with them and they don’t understand Agile. It also beefs up my LinkedIn profile. Another point is that I already have 75% of the material from my project management blog just to curate and style it into a pdf.

  • Done – Lessons learned from the previous ebook ventures
  • Add to LinkedIn Profile as Publication to be seen as Authority in the Niche
  • Use it as an email magnet on to build  a list to upsell my future books on Agile
  • A traffic source for my latest agency attempt

The kickass content will help affirm this too.

I spent a whole day writing that ebook and thinking now does it help to set myself as an authority for creating better websites: NO. A great example of me copying somebody else without thinking it through. Still can use it on my LinkedIn and PM-Training website as a lead magnet.

Build Better Websites Expert

Instead, I need to focus on proving to people I’m an authority in building better websites:

  • Case Studies on Cost Savings, User-centred Websites
    • Pivoted from Hanging Doors to Kitchen Fitting
    • Kilmore Filled their order book for the year in 3 weeks
    • Lester Blades continued tech support
  • Signature Method to Build Better Websites
    • New Better Website + Frequent Comms + Targetted Traffic
  • Simple Lean Process to Build Better Websites
    • Start with What They Have: Brochures, Websites, Testimonials
    • Competitor Websites: 80/20 Rule Analysis
    • What Do People Search to Find Them: Keyword Analysis and Competitors
    • Define Their Value Proposition: Clear What They Do, What Information does  a visitor need
    • Clear Calls to Action: Phone Number, Contact Forms, Lead Magnets
    • Write Copy: Keep it Simple but Informative, Project Examples, Testimonials
    • Review & Update: Feedback loop, Train how to make changes themselves

Strategy of Preeminence

Every interaction with clients I want to follow a strategy of preeminence coined by Jay Abraham.

The purpose of the Strategy of Preeminence is to do things better, differently, more meaningful for all who matter.

  1. See yourself as the markets most prized advisor
  2. The difference starts with your intention – you care – a commitment to empathy
  3. Sell leadership in every communication
  4. Give Information vs Advice – Being specific is extremely powerful
    1. Here’s what you should do
    2. Here’s why you should do it
    3. Here’s how you should do it
  5. Provide Focus
    1. Focus is clarity
    2. Clarity gives Power
      1. Clarity: It’s important for the client to define for themselves their biggest frustrations, challenges and opportunities
      2. Ask questions so they can define how they want their business to operate
      3. They either know where they are but don’t know where they are going or else not a clue where they are
    3. Power gives Understanding
      1. Ability and willingness to educate customers on what the real options are
      2. Telling them what but without the why doesn’t bring confidence
      3. The first thing is to articulate the biggest, clearest desired result people abstractly felt but never had clarified for them
      4. Build on this with a strategy of action
    4. Understanding gives Certainty
      1. Position of hopefulness for the client
      2. Gives the customer belief
    5. Certainty gives Trust
      1. Never put your interests above the clients
    6. Leadership
      1. Buyers base decisions on absolute authoritative leadership
      2. They want someone they believe will get them great results, outcomes, joy and less pain
      3. More profitability, More Productivity
      4. Provide a viable alternative to the system