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Accidental Travel Blogger

While travelling in summer 2016 we are travelling south-east Asia in Bangkok I met Johnny Ward (I read his story on Forbes and reached out to him to buy him a coffee). I wanted to try to find out what his magic sauce which level headed Johnny suggested just start blogging every day about travelling. This lead to creating my Accidental Travel Blog section. I blogged for about 3 days and gave up. Surprisingly my motivation for free tours and accommodation wasn’t enough to turn travel blogging into a passion but I do like documenting where I have been, so I do hope will be adding to this section for a long time to come.

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Other Adventures

  • Campervan across Europe (Amsterdam, Pozan, Gdansk, Berlin) for the Euros.
  • Lived in Canada (Toronto) for 4 months with a fair sound bunch of Irish people.
  • Multiple and many more to do trips to Anfield in Liverpool.
  • Loads of family Sun Holidays Spain, Lanzarote, Morroco.
  • Romantic weekend away in Paris and London with Martina.
  • Croatia where I got Salmonella at 11 years old.
  • Flashpacked across Asia (VietnamCambodia. Thailand)
  • Vagabonding in Australia (Currently living in Perth)