I have been humming and hawing for years to become a blogger. My current blocker is that I must blog every morning when I get up but I must also stretch, do some reading, meditate all the stuff recommended by the Miracle Morning one problem though I don’t get up early. What I have done though is started meditating again 2 weeks ago before I go to work and that fits into my schedule.

The blogging thing I have tried a few times previously but never stuck with it. I wanted to be a travel blogger, I tried my project management blog which did good but I never kept it up, I went through a phase that I will write one epic piece of content a week then a month but don’t think I finished with anything.

I did start journalling recently again and found that pretty beneficial so have been playing with the idea of daily blogging but just have been putting it off. Mainly I get ahead of myself thinking I could do a mini-blog series on project management, an epic piece on my Amazon FBA experience, all my goals and goal setting process, put all my notes from reading books into blogs, just idea overload.

Then being a “digital marketer” should I do it on shanedrumm.com or medium or LinkedIn. Where should I syndicate the content on Facebook, Blogger, Medium? How much effort should I put into SEO and social media coverage? How am I going to monetize it? Should I get it to proofread? What keywords am I going to target etc etc etc.

Then I was listening to Seth Godin on Tim Ferris podcast and his one recommendation and one of his best choices was blogging every day. 1. because if you predict stuff and it comes through you seem like a genius and 2. its good way to think through ideas. Them Gary V was asked quality over quantity when starting out on social media and he said quantity just because it helps you find your niche and voice.

So I have set myself a new challenge of blogging for 30 days and then regrouping and see if its something I want to keep up. This blog is for me and I don’t give a fuck if nobody reads it so let’s see where this goes. fyi. There might be some profanity thrown in along the way :O

Update after Week 2

Blog Posts: 6

Started off very strong with nearly 3 days in a row. Getting up every morning and spending an hour and a half writing a blog post and just clicking publish. That was a slight problem though it was taking a small bit longer than expected.

Started out safe about a documentary I had watched over the weekend: (1) The Great Hack

Then started to write about (2) The Whisper Project (I purchased a book called the Phoneix Project and want to publish my own version) based on my current experience with Vix. It’s a fascinating project where we have delivered a huge win for the company with very little resources and numerous setbacks resulting in a high-performing team and getting a lot more attention from the company, in particular, the Perth office.

I found myself writing about this very easily from (3) Working From Agile First Principles, introducing (4) The Whisper Team and then I wanted to start talking about the team’s vision but got distracted deep diving on my process for (5) Setting Goals & Creating a Vision Health Pathway

The last post (6) DDD Perth – Building Awesome Teams was based on my experience from the DDD Perth Conference last weekend. I ended up going to talks about building better teams and it really was all about creating safe trustworthy environments in the workplace to nurture individuals and teams into high-performing teams.

I think The Whisper Project is something that will evolve over time and hopefully keep blogging on. I think my target would be to complete that book by 2020 and get ranked no.1 on New York Times or maybe just Amazon. (Always aiming high).

The big difference I found it really helpful to start thinking about what I wanted to write about. What’s actually important to me? What do I want to be known for?

I think it’s achieving things that seemed completely beyond my reach from health to wealth and its all down to goal setting and having a vision. Then speak and pass this message to everyone is my goal but first I need to prove my hypothesis for each of my Pathways Health & Wealth. I do have a career & fulfilment pathways but they actually going towards wealth.

August 2019 Review

Weeks are now phases.

Generally happy with the following four blog posts. (7) Writing eBooks Lessons Learned  was a precursor Agile Handbook for Senior Management eBook  and a easy quick write up. Wrote about (8) Buying POWR in Australia but never actually bought any 🙁

One of my biggest achievements so far was completing a marathon for City to Surf in 4 hours 39 so I was really happy with that effort.

Went playing golf in (9) The Cut Mandurah Golf Course Western Australia and really happy with that blog post. Think I should try do similar for each course we go to. Even taking pictures of the course layout and few snaps is pretty easy after.

Attended (10) YOW! Perth 2019 Highlights – 3X Innovation & Microservices which was really interesting and helped me understand where IT is going and gave me plenty of ideas for other blog posts.

Introducing Continual.Delivery: (11) I want to build better solutions for digital problems thinking about this has slowed down the progress on blog posts. The following are unpublished…..

(12) Agile Handbook for Senior Management eBook 

(13) Strategy of Preeminence 

(14) Kilmore Case Study (Continual.Delivery)

October Review

Took September off to go travelling down to Denmark, Jerry’s wedding and Tokyo in October. Been back working last two weeks and pretty productive. This blog is going to refocus on ironman training. Going try to start doing weekly reviews and continual.delivery is the focus for all business type stuff. Would like to start doing weekly reviews too.

(15) Nov 4th Review – Half way there :O