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Feature factory course corrections

Why canva doesn’t have managers

What you can learn from Dr. House

Amazon & Googles Secret

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Falling into a Feature Factory

Theory on how feature factories emerge is centered on the maker / manager split in most product development organizations.

There are people who are focused on actually building products, and then others who are accountable for planning, orchestration, and ultimately impact.

5min blog post on Run the Business

WEEKLY TOP PICKS for Product Leaders

πŸ‘”Why Canva has no managers, and their unique approach to coaching and performance reviews

1hour 3min podcast on Lenny’s Podcast

πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ4 takeaways on Product Strategy from tv character Dr. House who has to take multiple inputs, understand big picture and communicate a story.

6min read from Noa Ganot on Product Coalition

πŸ“ŠCommunity-led growth in enterprise sales; the importance of cross-functional understanding, and the transformation of content and community in the sales process.

42min podcast from Leah’s ProductTea

Don’t Confuse Product-Level and Organizational Adaptability in Agile Organizations

While both are crucial, they function on different levels and have distinct roles in ensuring an organization remains responsive and competitive.

This design ensures that product groups can make necessary changes without being negatively impacted by other groups.

5min Read by Cesario Ramos


43min YouTube video by Product School


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