🀿 Why 90% of time on Solution & Execution is WRONG

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In todays edition is to all about Product Growth and most importantly understand your customers….

Understanding Product Market-fit & JBTD

How Noah made 3.3m and reinvested

Why April doesn’t like product/market-fit

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Learning from Customers

How can we confidently define the right problems to solve and ensure our products deliver real value?

The answer lies in mastering the art of learning from our customers.

Majority of companies spend 90% time on solution and execution vs 10% of problem definition

Intercom, the customer messaging platform, switched this ratio.

They spend roughly 40% of their time deeply researching and defining the customer problem before thinking about potential solutions.

15min Deep Dive on Product Collective

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πŸ’°Noah made 3.3M last year and shares how to invest back into your business to foster future wealth.

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Golden Oldie

πŸ™Œ A conversation is a deeper look into how businesses can differentiate themselves, help their audiences discover value, and ultimately break through the noise.

1 hour podcast interview of April Dunford on Breakout Growth


6min YouTube video by Jason Malmstadt


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