🔋Power of Product Culture 🧠Harnessing & Leveraging EQ

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Power of Product Culture

$317 acquisition via product model

Harnessing & Leveraging Emotional Intelligence

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Improve Product Management to Drive Business Agility

Business Agility means that a company can work on what is most important at any given moment at no additional cost.

Product Management enables Business Agility by:

1. Placing Product ownership at the whole company level.

2. Creating teams of teams that collaborate synchronously on business problems.

15min blog post by Roland Flemm on Scrum.org

WEEKLY TOP PICKS for Product Leaders

🙌 Culture-Driven Leadership is Product Management

5min Read by Ronke Majekodunmi from Product School

🔋The Power of Culture: Unlocking High Performance in Your Company with Mark McNally, Chief Nobody at Nobody Studios

46min podcast from Product Thinking with Melissa Perri

📈Decoding Strategy: How one CPO led a company out of slow growth into a $317m acquisition

Deep Dive 45min read from Product Managers at Work

💡Idea Maps 101: How to Use Them in Your Product Strategy

7min Read with 3 Templates from The Product Manager

👩‍🏫 Lessons Learned from Industry Virtual 2024 (see below for video playlist)

3 lessons from each 7 keynotes from Product Collective

Product management revolves around human needs, wants, and desires, making it a humbling responsibility.

Influential product leaders manage their teams with well-being in mind, necessitating culture-driven leadership.

Culture-driven product leaders mold and develop a culture where if one person fails, we all fail. They nurture a community where everyone is supported. They lead their teams from within them, not above them.

Ronke Majekodunmi


Alternatives To Product Managers

This was a response article to when when Brian Chesky the AIrBnB founder put the product world in a spin when he said they don’t have product managers.

Marty speaks about the various alternatives when the product management responsibility is covered by skilled product leaders.

The most famous example of this working at scale is Apple.

10mi read by Marty Cagan via SVPG


YouTube Watchlist

INDUSTRY: The Product Conference did a virtual conference and all the talks are online. The list of talks are as follows…

Embracing Storytelling as a Powerful Design Tool

Harnessing Emotional Intelligence in Product Management

Navigating Uncertainty with Adaptive Product Strategy

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence in Product Leadership

Navigating the Challenges of a First-Time Head of Product

Managing AI Products: Lessons from the Frontier

Overcoming the Five Deadly Sins of Strategy

9 Videos from INDUSTRY Virtual Spring 2024


North Star Framework Template ready made for workshops

📝 The Product Vision Board Checklist to win over the business

🛣️ Product Roadmap Kit to help deliver product outcomes

📇 Retrospective Templates Rolodex to keep teams engaged

👤 User Stories | Examples and Template

💼 Want to work in a product driven organization?

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Product Manager Job Board – The #1 Product Manager Job Board!

Jobs – Product Management Jobs – Powered by Mind the Product


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