Digital Agile Project Manager - Shane Drumm

Transforming businesses into lean mean online machines!!!

Simple 3 Step Approach

1. Data-Driven Analysis

2. Agile Development

3. Growth Marketing

This process has been defined from working professionally in large scale Agile environments. While also freelancing as a Growth Marketer with Small to Medium Size Companies.

What I Can Do For You...


Built websites for Construction, HR and eCommerce companies from design to content generation.


As a Search Engine Marketer and Paid Per Click Ads expert, I generate sales from Google & Social Media.


As a SaaS Product Manager I use my unique skill set to define & implement a product strategy.


Computer Science Degree makes marketing tools pretty easy to use from tracking to automation.

How I Work...

Data Driven Analysis

Ever decision should be based on data - I have no time for opinions. I try apply the 80/20 rule to any project I take on.

Agile Development & Marketing

Working off a prioritised backlog in small iterations with clear goals is how I work (live) on nearly everything.

Targeted Growth Marketing

Know who your customer is; so you can segment, target and automate your digital marketing campaigns.

Project Management

Qualified PMP, PMI-ACP and Scrum Master I know the secret to project management is communication.

What Do I Do for Fun...